Ordering Info

Knife Information

Once your order is received we will send an email with info on shipping in your item as well as an online info form to fill out. This form is important as it will be included with image submissions to knife publications. 

Return Shipping

Be sure to select the size of your knife (see below) on the Product Page before adding to cart. This is how we approximate the cost of return shipping. If the final cost of shipping/handling is less than you were charged a partial refund for the difference will be issued back to you. In the rare event that the cost is more than $5 greater than what you paid an invoice will be sent to you for the difference.

If you have special requirements for the return shipping just let us know. All packages will be shipped with signature required. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Knife Sizes and Rates

Return shipping rates are based on USPS flat rate options, though, we may choose other another carrier if more economical. Small, medium and large sizes on our site correspond to USPS box sizes. Foe example, if you can fit your knife securely in a USPS medium flat rate box then choose Medium when placing an order. 

SMALL - e.g. folding knives, small fixed blades
MEDIUM - e.g. hunters, chef's knives
LARGE - e.g. large bowies, large chef's knives
XL / SWORD - e.g. swords, items with stands/displays
DROP OFF / PICK UP - Choose only when a previous arrangement has been made for a local exchange